Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Custom Website Hosting

The framework now features a command line website hosting program with a backend supported by
It is surprisingly fast and easy to use.  I use a template engine called DotLiquid to quickly generate concise pages that conform to a style and the greatest part about it is I can make it all interconnected with the game!  Can even get server status and display it on the page since I use the same library the game uses with the web host program and communicate via UDP layer to ping the server status.

I plan to integrate some of the website services to be accessible from the game for admins.  For example, troubleshooting tickets will be able to be pulled from a storage and viewable in-game with the ability to setup to receive notifications via in-game message and email.  This should streamline the administration process and relieve a possible point of failure (although, we are all human) where a ticket gets overlooked and skipped.  There is nothing I hate more than a business with a process that is flawed.  I don't plan to have a business of this but I will incorporate the ideas that solidify a strong business modal with this game and the administrating portion.

Awesome shit.