Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Not Dead

Project isn't dead.  Still have a very strong passion to build a game that has similar mechanics as that of Space Station 13.  Due to personal responsibilities that are more important then my own hobbies, progress on this project has slowed considerably.  Being a one man show doesn't help.  Posts will be few and far between but when there are posts made they will give information on techniques I learned that anyone with programming aptitude can apply to the mechanics that makeup SS13 as well as any highlights on progress or lack thereof.  Thank you for your time.


Those few who have visited this blog and probably don't know what this is about may want to read this.
My goal is to create a versatile 3D engine with 2D assets that incorporates SS13's atmospheric simulation and immersive qualities while maintaining a networking backbone that allows many players to be online and enjoy the game.  Assets will comprise of 2D textures with certain game objects, like walls, being 3D rectangles with two textures (side and top).  Player avatars will be 2D assets in 3D space, think like Paper Mario.  That is the goal.  Keep the asset pipeline simple to build upon while giving it a modern feel that can be pleasing on the eyes.

TL;DR A SS13 engine with networking that just works.