Thursday, April 7, 2016

Rant: Network Encryption

Network encryption is a BITCH of a headache.  Transmitting a key over a network in a secure encrypted way and ensuring the key matches on both Client and Server side was the easiest part.

It goes like this..
  1. Client connects to Server with public key attached as a nice way of saying "HI!"
  2. Server sends handshake request message with encrypted shared key.
  3. Client sends handshake response which means "Thanks..."
  4. Client now has shared key for encryption of packets
  5. Server sends a chat message with random gibberish that only a baby would understand
  6. Client NEVER receives it and no error is thrown..
  7. Frustration begins..
Obviously the issue should be with the Client not recognizing that message because it isn't properly decrypted, right?  Nope, both Client and Server are using the shared key and encryption/decryption is working and has been checked.  So, where to go from there..  TBD.

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