Space Station XIV (14) will be a new take on SS13 with a different perspective, 2.5D, and a focus on ease of use.  Initially it will be available on Windows, Mac, and Linux.  Future plans for Android and IOS are planned after stable release for main operating systems.

Forums are located at

I am looking for interested programmers and graphics artists who want help design a game similar to Space Station 13.  I am not rich and this will be a purely fan made game.  It will be free with a shop that does not contribute towards unfair advantage.  The shop will help with server expenses and sustainability.  If you are interested, post on the forums linked above.  Only interested in Java programmers.  Java is used because the support on mobile devices and the ease of porting to the main operating systems.  The speed is amazing too.
Looking for any opinions on future content (quests, items, mobs) and yes we will need addon makers.